Engineering Design

Industrial Design


                                                                                                                      AxiomID's foundation 
                                                                                                     has always been Industrial Design. 
                                                                                               Industrial design is not only aesthetic, 
                                                                                        but problem solving, and incorporating the 
                                                                                 proper design methodology. AxiomID has been 
                                                                           perfecting its design methodology for over a decade, and it 
                                                                     has proven its effectiveness time a time again.

                                                                           Successful products and successful projects are the results of 
                                                        making the right decisions early in the product development process.  
                                                       AxiomID begins with end in mind, a core idea in our product 
                                                      development process.  The process of definition begins by clearly 
                                       picturing and defining the end goals and results that we want to achieve.  The 
                                   definition process maps out the target, the experience of the user and how the 
                              product is going to be successful.  Then we begin to build a Product Design Criteria 
                           and then a Product Design Strategy to achieve it.  Every client is different, so we 
                                       tailor the criteria to meet the specific needs of the product.

                           As the product takes form, typically based on all known, current or proposed internal 
               mechanisms or electronics, the aesthetics, ergonomics, and anthropometrics of the project 
            begin to evolve. AxiomID specializes in working all the key components of a successful 
         design with equal attention, ensuring that the product not only functions well, but looks 
        great, and works with the operator or consumer rather than against them.

   Take a look through our portfolio and you can see the evidence of the design methodology
  implemented from the beginning, and then give us a call and let us help you implement 
 the same methodology into your product to help ensure its success in the market place.