Engineering Design

Industrial Design


                                                                                                                        AxiomID's business 
                                                                                                         platform allows us effectively
                                                                                                   serve inventors. Our extensive 
                                                                                          knowledge of the product development 
                                                                                 world allows us to help the inventor design and 
                                                                         prototype his product, and also assist in the manufacturing of 
                                                                   that product. AxiomID has extensive contacts in the manufacturing 
                                                               world, both in the US and over seas.

                                                                             AxiomID would be glad to review your project, but before we do we 
                                                        would suggest that the following be accomplished:

                                                                  #1)    Take a trip to any  store that might carry the type of product that you 
                                         envision. This provides incite into existing products and current competition.
                                    #2)   Go on the Government's patent site and do a quick search.  This is free and 
                                within an hour you will have an understanding of exiting patents.
                                       #3)   Get some funding lined up! Even if the development process is not 
                      expensive, the marketing could be.
                   #4)   Prepare a package of drawings, sketches, pictures of models and a good description 
             of the product. This will help us give you better input as to the cost of developing the product.

            To have a Confidentiality document signed prior to sending the documents, send an 
        e-mail to or we can supply one for you.

     The product development world can be very exciting and very lucrative, but it can also
  be very expensive if it is not done right, let us help you do it right.