Engineering Design

Industrial Design


                                                                                                         in 1988, we are forever 
                                                                                                grateful for the opportunity to 
                                                                                       serve your needs for design and 
                                                                                  engineering  services. Since we do consider 
                                                                          our relationship, existing or potential, a sacred trust. 
                                                                 We would like to extend our basic commitments to you in writing.
                                                                         We enter no contract for either design or engineering unless we 
                                                   all believe we can meet our goal to delight you through its execution.   
                                                    We never change any significant aspect of our business relationship 
                                                  without a discussion with you.
                                                All of us are very serious about our commitment to deliver both design and 
                                  engineering assignments to you on time and within our agreed to budgets.
                              We will never purposely say or do anything in our relationship that is not honest.
                       We will always honor your trust in AxiomID and will always respect your proprietary 
                                  information as described in our Business Relationship Agreement.
                                  It is our obligation to help you be successful with your customers, as we
                 know that your success ultimately becomes ours.
            I welcome your call to give input or comment on these matters at anytime.
     Richard W. Turner 
     CEO & President