Engineering Design

Industrial Design


                                                                                                                        A staff of industrial 
                                                                                                         designers and engineers take 
                                                                                              ideas from the napkin-sketch stage and 
                                                                                      propels products to market in only months. 
                                                                                 The technologies: ProEngineer 3D modeling, 
                                                                          SolidWorks, IronCAD,  FEA analysis, photo-realistic rendering,
                                                                    combined with StereoLithography and other prototyping and 
                                                               short run tooling processes are what make the difference in the 
                                                           long term development of a product.

                                                                          AxiomID's prototyping division was a pioneer in rapid prototyping.  
                                                        Launched in 1988 and renamed in 1998 as Prototype South.  Our clients 
                                        include many of the top name companies in the US who are looking to reduce 
                                    product development time, such as IBM, AT&T, Hewlett Packard, Siemens, 
                                 Lucent Technologies, GE, and many others. 

                                      AxiomID has since teamed up with other rapid prototyping partners to bring 
                                      even more capability and performance to facilitate the rapid prototyping 
                   needs of our customers.

              Getting a quote on a project is simple. We need you to send us the native CAD files 
          of the product or part and we can typically have you a quote back in less than 24 hours
        Just send us a note letting us know exactly what you need and when, and we will 
      process your request right away. If you need a Confidentiality document signed prior to 
      sending the parts, just send that with your first note, or let us know and we can supply you 
   with one for you to modify and send back to us.